On this episode we go over the games we recommend for this upcoming holiday season. 


Best Game for kids

My First Castle Panic - James

Colt Express - Nathan

My First Orchard - Peter

Animal Upon Animal – Dan


Best Game for Adult Gamers

Terraforming Mars - James

Concordia - Nathan

Betrayal Legacy – Peter

Wingspan – Dan


Best Intro Level Game

Kingdomino – James

Ex Libris – Nathan

Carcassonne - Peter

Pandemic – Dan


Best Game for Families

Takenoko – James

Survival Escape from Atlantis – Nathan

The Quacks of Quedlinburg – Peter

Forbidden Desert \ Forbidden Island – Dan


Best Strategy Game

Onitama – James

Aquire – Nathan

Concordia – Peter

Orleans – Dan


Best Party Game

Wits and Wagers – James

Rhino Hero – Nathan

Just One – Peter

Wavelength - Dan


Best Euro Game

Agricola – James

Tigris and Euphrates – Nathan

Terraforming Mars – Peter

Concordia – Dan


Best Thematic Game

Dead of Winter – James

Gloom - Nathan

Dune – Peter

Arkham Horror Third Edition – Dan


Best Two Player Game

Battle Line – James

7 Wonders Duel – Nathan

Jaipur – Peter

Magic the Gathering – Dan


Best High Player Count Game

Bohnanza – James

Downforce – Nathan

CodeNames – Peter

Cartographers – Dan


Best Coop Game

Mansions of Madness – James

Gloomhaven Jaws of the Lion – Nathan

The Crew: Quest for Planet Nine – Peter

Tiny Epic Zombies – Dan


Favorite Pick Game

Wingspan – James

Cosmic Encounters – Nathan

Lords of Waterdeep – Peter

51st State Master Set – Dan


Nonsense Pick

The Great Dalmuti – James

Time and Space – Nathan

Unstable Unicorns – Peter

Zombie Dice – Dan


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